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Projects 1 50
A project is a website that you can analyze and improve.
Reporting - PDF, RTF, CSV
Within the free plan you can see all the recommendations online. In the Pro plan, you can also download an extensive report in RTF and PDF. A .CSV is also available with all the results of the Lipperhey crawler. These reports are available in English and in Dutch.
Web analytics Yes Yes
Lipperhey Analytics is an independent web analytics service. It doesn't only show you the number of visitors, pageviews and referrers but it also helps you see how changes to your website impact rankings and organic search traffic.
Project sharing - Yes
Optimizing a website is often done together with a colleague. With project sharing, you can share your dashboard so everyone is always on the same page.
White labeling - Yes
Pro users get the option of white labeling. This means giving access to the Lipperhey dashboard on your own website, with your own logo and colors, but also customize all the reports in your own branding.
Find new business leads - Yes
Lipperhey can help you find new leads to grow your business.
Email support - Yes
Pro users can use our email support. We'll try to answer all emails within 24 hours. We're proud of our support because we haven't encountered a question that we couldn't answer.


Technical analysis on 30 technical subjects Yes Yes
Do you have a well build website? Lipperhey does a scan on 30 technical factors and looks to see if they are W3C compliant.
SEO analysis on 11 technical subjects Yes Yes
There are a lot of technical things that can prevent Search Engines accessing the content on your website. Lipperhey will crawl your website and will report on the all the factors that prevent Search Engines finding all your content.
Real-time page per page optimization Unlimited Unlimited
Lipperhey works in a very straightforward way. It detects the problem and tells you where the problem is and how to solve it. When you’re done, Lipperhey will check if your solution was correct.
Competitor analysis - Yes
Why is your competitor's ranking better than yours? You can try to find the answer with the competitor analysis. This feature is also a great way to monitor how the competition is doing regarding SEO in the long run.
Update analysis results Monthly + per request Weekly + per request
You can always refresh your analysis, but Lipperhey will scan your website(s) either weekly or monthly, so you always work with fresh data.
Internal linking structure Yes Yes
Your visitors (and search engines) should be able to find all the information on your website as fast as possible. Lipperhey will examine your internal link structure and will report on any problem it finds.


Indexed pages 50 (per project) 1.000 (per project)
Lipperhey will crawl and advice on a maximum of 50 (free plan) or a 1.000 (pro) pages of a website.
Indexation testing Yes Yes
Sometimes a website cannot be crawled at all by Lipperhey (and search engines). If this is the case with your website, Lipperhey will try to explain what the problem is.
Website load-time performance Yes Yes
It's important that a website loads fast for its visitors. Some search engines take the load time into account when deciding on the rankings. Lipperhey will check the load times.
Validate external links Yes Yes
Lipperhey can find all the external link problems (broken links) on a website and will tell you where you can find them.
Robots.txt checker Yes Yes
Lipperhey will check if your website has a Robots.txt
Sitemap.xml generator Yes Yes
Lipperhey can make a Sitemap.xml for you that you can use on your website.
Keep track of competitors rankings - Yes
Track your keyword rankings and the keywords of your competitors.


Backlink analysis unlimited unlimited
Find out which website are linking to your website.
Backlink quality analysis Yes Yes
Not all backlinks are of equal importance. Lipperhey helps you understand which are the most important back links.
Export backlinks to Excel - Yes
Pro users can export the backlinks to Excel.


Keyword suggestions Yes Yes
Deciding what keywords to optimize for is one of the most important decisions for your SEO strategy. Lipperhey has a suggestion tool that takes into account the competition and sees where the opportunities are.
Keyword traffic estimation Yes Yes
Lipperhey knows by a rough estimate if a keyword is popular on the web so you can take this into account when you decide on your SEO strategy.
Search engine competition Yes Yes
Enter your competitor's website url and the most important keywords to see how they rank in search engines.
Long tail keyword analysis Yes Yes
When you compete in a space where there's lots of competition, a long tail keyword strategy can be the best option. Lipperhey comes up with keywords that you might not have thought of at first, but are searched for by a decent amount of people.
Export keywords to Excel - Yes
The Pro plan lets you export all the keyword suggestions to Excel.


Invoice per email - Monthly
All Pro users get an invoice every month.
Download all invoices - Yes
Lost an invoice or can't find it in your email? No problem, you can find them on your dashboard.


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