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It doesn't only show you the number of visitors, pageviews and referrers but it also helps you see how changes to your website impact rankings and organic search traffic.

It also helps you with 'non provided' by gathering the drips that still come in. Based on this, we will come up with relevant keyword suggestions.

Bounce %
Unique visitors

Keyword suggestions

Better keyword suggestions
than Google adwords

Lipperhey tells you the most promising keywords you should include in your content based on your existing traffic.

This allows you to get more insight into your visitors and dramatically grow your organic search traffic.

Perfect for internet agencies!

Pro plan features

Lipperhey is an essential feature for businesses. We help you increase the number of visitors of your website and the quality of those visitors by showing you how to improve every aspect of your website. View all features!

Share projects

Optimizing a website is often done together with a colleague. With project sharing, you can share your dashboard so everyone is always on the same page.

White labeling

With a Pro plan, you can get the Lipperhey dashboard on your own website in your own branding.
See an example here.

Email support

Pro plan subscribers get email support from seasoned developers that can answer even the hardest questions. Challenge them!

Export reports

With a pro plan, you can export reports. There's a .csv with all the data, but also a .PDF. You can add your own branding to the reports. Download a sample report of Website report and One pager.

... And many more:

  • Unlimted projects

  • Keyword suggestions

  • Link database

  • Customized reports

  • Weekly reports

  • Email support

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Lipperhey has a unique and powerful technology that Yellow Pages uses for our SEO tools. Lipperhey's technology combined with the consumer knowledge of Yellow Pages Group helped us to significantly increase sales which is also illustrated by the enormous growth of our SEO product. I have to say Lipperhey is of great value!

Vincent Gagnon

Senior Product Manager - SEO at Yellow Pages Group YellowPages.ca

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