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Are you looking for the ultimate flexibility? Do you want to run an editable white label version of Lipperhey?
Do you want to add your own functionality to Lipperhey or do you just want to mash it up with other services?
If that's the case, then Lipperhey's white label SEO service is the answer to your question.

White label SEO service

With this solution, you are in full control of the service you run. Lipperhey acts as the role of the provider of the data via an API. You are fully in control of the situation by hosting the solution and servicing your clients while we give you the data. To help get you started with your white label service, we offer you a 'copy' of the Lipperhey site with the basic SEO functionalities. The delivered solution can be fully customized by you or incorporation with Lipperhey, so it fits your full needs. An example of an active private label is The distributor package is mainly used by service providers such as B2B platforms, SEO agencies, hosting companies and consulting companies that meet one of the following criteria:

  • More than 10.000 unique B2B visitors a month.
  • Service providers that use our technology for specific data collection.
  • Customer and marketing fully controlled by the private label partner.
  • Integrating the Lipperhey scan results into an extensive dataset. For instance, marketing and management reports.
  • Run an SEO service, making use of the Lipperhey dataset and platform.

In order to use the white label solution, an initial investment of $16.000 has to be made. This investment will guarantee you a fully equipped site, ready to be used. If you would like extra modifications to be made to the solution, our team at Lipperhey are more than happy to help. The initial investment will be discounted based on the plans you've signed up on via the white label solution. If you are interested in using the white label solution, please feel free to contact us. When contacting us, please supply information about your website, service and how you want to integrate and market the service towards your customers.

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